30 Day Tag - Day 4

Day 4 - Your favourite book

Although I love the Southern Vampire Mysteries (True Blood) and the Twilight Saga (I love vampires, sorry), my favourite books were always the Harry Potter books - I queued at my local bookstore at midnight for the release of each book (apart for the last one, because I was on holidays... but my mum took my place!!)

I know that these are supposedly "kids books" but I really loved them, and would happily re-read them today. I haven't ever loved a book as much as I loved these!!

What is your favourite book, fiction or non-fiction?


Alícia said...

My favourite books are the Harry Potter books too (:
I also queued for the release of some of them, but it was at 6pm not midnight! it would have been a lot funnier!
Alícia, xx

Susan ♔ said...

The owner of the bookshop dressed up as Dumbledore - it was fairly spectacular alright!! Harry Potter fans for life :) xxx