30 Day Tag - Day 2

Day 2 - Your favourite movie

Another tough question!! This changes all the time as new movies come out, but at the moment I have three favourites:

1. The A-Team
Growing up with a brother that took charge of the remote control meant that I watched a lot of "Boy TV" and the A-Team was easily my favourite TV show... I can't explain how excited I was when I heard that this movie was being made and how much I enjoyed it. This is a must-see and not just for the boys :)

2. The Boat That Rocked
I bloomin' loved this movie - the plot, the costumes, the music... everything was perfect. I wish I could have lived in the 60s!!

3. Get Him To The Greek
Funniest movie of 2010, easily.... I just love me some Russel :)

Hope you enjoyed Day 2 - what is your favourite movie?

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