Graduation Garb

With graduation being less than two weeks away, I had left things to the last minute and was under pressure to find the right outfit... thankfully, I had a very lucky weekend and found the perfect outfit
Dress - Monsoon, €115
Shoes - Dune, €108
Bag - Accessorize, €51

Fingers crossed I don't fall over in those stilettos, that would not be very elegant!!


*Onna's Little Blog* said...

I really like the whole outfit but I have to say those shoes are amazing!!!! My life would be complete with a pair of shoes like that lol x

Susan said...

Thank you gorgeous girlie - much appreciated!! The shoes are so comfy and lovely - you should try them out xxx

annabella said...

Lovely outfit, have an amazing day! xxx

Susan said...

thank you lovey, much appreciated xxx