NOTD: Miss Minty with Barry M Nail Effects

Gosh's Miss Minty is a firm favourite polish of mine, I seem to love anything mint green lately. However, I have recently been pairing it with Barry M's Nail Effects in black. I love how these polishes look together, and people keep asking whether I got my nails done professionally!!

The directions are as follows:
1. Paint your nails in your chosen colour, and allow the polish to dry completely. I chose Miss Minty for my base colour.
2. Apply a single coat of Barry M's Nail Effects all over the nail (as you would with any other nail polish).
3. Allow the polish to dry completely... it will crackle and break as it dries!!

And there you have it... salon finish nails in an instant!!

Style Stalker: Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester oozes casual glamour and sophistication, whether she's waltzing down the red carpet, or slouching around the beach.

Outfit #1
Leighton has paired this beautiful polka dot dress with a sloughy grey cardigan, grey booties and a tan waist belt. Keeping her hair off her face, and wearing minimal makeup, ensures that focus is not taken off her beautiful dress. I absolutely love this outfit.

Outfit #2
Leighton looks cute and stylish in this cream mini-dress, which she has paired with a waist belt, sandals and sunglasses. 

Outfit #3
I think Leighton looks stunning here. Pairing a gorgeous waistcoat with a tank-top and jeans is a classic move, but one that Leighton really works, adding her signature sunglasses to complete the look.

Outfit #4
Leighton looks adorable here, pictured with her puppy. She has cracked out another pair of gorgeous sunglasses, and paired them with some washed out jeans, a grey t-shirt and a tan cardigan. Her hair finishes off the outfit, with cute little plaits keeping it off her face.

What do you make of Leighton's style? Is she a winner for you?