Haul: Illamasqua Kabuki Brush

I fell through the door this evening, sopping wet and weary, after a long day in the office. I was sure that nothing but a hot shower and an early bedtime could cure my misery, until I spotted a precious little box on the table... my ASOS order had arrived 2 days early!!

This was my first ASOS order, so I was extra excited and gleefully ripped open the box to reveal my BEAUTIFUL purchase!! Thanks to the bad influences of Jennifer and Kelly, I splurged €30 on the Illamasqua Kabuki Brush...
This gigantically large body brush is perfect for applying face powder, blotting powder and bronzer... and it will (hopefully) cut down on application time in the morning (more sleep = happier me)

It is, without doubt, the softest thing I have EVER felt. I have fallen head over heels for it, and I have owned it for about 45 seconds... oooops!!
If you are quick enough, you can snap this baby up in the ASOS sale, it's currently €30/£22 (roughly) and it normally retails for £35.... bargain!!
If my post didn't convince you that you NEED this brush, you should check out Jennifer's video (by clicking here... the review starts at about 1:10) - this video is what inspired me to purchase this makeup bag essential!

I cannot big this brush up enough - it is, literally, perfect!!


Radiant Make Up said...

I'm convinced - I need this :)
This is going stright to the top of my wish list!

Susan ♔ said...

Good decision honey... and sorry for corrupting you :P let me know if you manage to get your mitts on it xxx