NOTD: Miss Minty

Happy Weekend Flowers!!

I have a little NOTD post for you all, featuring Gosh's Miss Minty... this is my newest nail polish splurge, and I picked it up in A-Wear for around €8.
(Please excuse the slightly smudged edges on my nails... I painted them and then got distracted - I had to do some damage control before snapping these photos!)
 I absolutely love Gosh nail polishes - the texture is perfect, they can work with one coat (two is better though) and they dry so quickly....... and they're not uber-expensive!

I have a few more Gosh polishes which will be featuring on here in the coming weeks... I have a new addiction!!

Have a wonderful weekend petals


annabella said...

Oooh this looks lovely, i have a peach polish from GOSH & agree, they are nice to use! xxx

..R May A.. said...

That's a gorgeous colour!
I've never tried any of GOSH's polishes but definately going to be on the look out for this one though x

Susan said...

Thanks girlies - they are beautiful polishes and so simple to use :) I really rate them xxx

nicoletta said...

I've not tried gosh polish either thanks they look pretty, how long do they lqast before chipping on you?

Susan said...

I've never tried this particular polish before, but normally they last a few days before chipping (longer if you add a top coat) xxx