Haul: Rimmel and Primark Beauty

I know I said that I was broke but today I splurged some more money while waiting for my train home for the weekend. Oooops!! I went into Penney’s (the Irish name for Primark !) and went straight to their makeup section. They stock at lot of Rimmel products there and I really wanted to try out the Stay Matte Foundation, having heard a lot of good things about it. The package says that it controls shine for up to 12 hours – sounds good to me. And for less than €6 you can’t really go wrong!

Of course, whenever I get a new foundation, I feel compelled to buy a new concealor to match it!! Many of my friends swear by Rimmel’s “Hide the Blemish” concealor so I decided to try it out. The colour is a bit washed out (I took the picture on the train) and it’s not really that white, but I’m pretty pale so it’s probably not too far off!! This little beauty was only €5.50 – what a steal!!

I was walking to the checkout to pay, when I noticed the Primark Beauty section. I decided to try out their primer (Prime of your Life) and their block bronzer (Little Glow Cheek). These were €2 and €3.50 respectivly. Prime of your Life is packaged (almost) exactly like Benefit’s That Gal primer, and the names of the entire Primark Beauty range are funny/catchy names, like Benefit. It’s not hard to see where Primark got their inspiration... let’s just hope the product quality follows suit. Fingers crossed!!

Now, I’m really and truly broke... ciao girls xx


Dreams That Glitter said...

I adore the Primark make up packaging! It's so Pop Art, love it.


Susan said...

I know!! It's so funky :) Gotta love it xx

Kyanvi said...

I have tried other primark beauty products, some are good and obviously some are not... so I was quiet looking forward to see whether the primer works or not!
Also, think that Primark have taken idea from Gosh, YSL and Bobbi Brown too.
Kyanvi ;-P

Kyanvi said...

p.s. Rimmel 'Hide the blemish' is good, I use it too hide my darken under eye.

Anonymous said...

How did you open the primer! I got it today but i cant open it! :L

lefashionz said...

i really love the store primark!
ive never actually brought the primark makeup before as i thought that it would be rubbish and not so good when it comes to the quality.I do buy the hair accesories and i once brought an eyelash curler from there which was fab!Please can someone tell me how the makeup is there because if its good then i would be getting a bargin!Please leave a comment on my site...www.lefashionz.blogspot.com