Review: Bad Gal Lash & Bad Gal Brown (Benefit)

My holy grail mascara has been Benefit's Bad Gal Lash for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love it. It adds length and volume, without clumping. I literally cannot fault it!!

However, over the summer I was at my local Benefit counter and the makeup artist suggested that I try out their new mascara: Bad Gal Brown. She assured me that it was basically the same mascara, except for the colour!! As I have brown hair, and relatively pale skin, I thought it might suit be better and warm up my skin tone a bit more than the black one does!!

As you can see from the next photo, they are not "basically the same"... not even close!! The brown mascara has a much smaller wand, with far fewer bristles/hairs (I should have guessed this from the thinner tube - Bad Gal Lash contains 0.3oz of product while Bad Gal Brown only has 0.19oz.)

The first time I tried the Bad Gal Brown, I put on my usual two coats, but I felt like my eyelashes were sticky and clumpy about an hour later. I was totally unimpressed and ready to go back and ask for a refund, but I said I'd give it one more chance.

Thank God I did!! The second time I used it, I only applied one coat, and it worked a charm! The smaller brush makes it easier to coat your bottom lashes, and, overall, it's easier to control. The colour of the mascara is a beautiful, chocolate brown, and it is much warmer than the black mascara.

I alternate between these two mascaras, depending on the occasion, and my outfit, and I have repurchased both... and I'm pretty sure I will continue to do so!! Have any of you ladies ever used these mascaras? What do you think? Leave me a comment, or do a post about this yourselves and link me to it!! 

Ciao xxx


The Fashion Teller said...

Hey sweetie! Fab post! I swear by Bad Gal Lash and use black and the plum! Soooo nice :) xoxo

Joanna Louise said...

I love Bad Gal Lash! I also have the plum and blue! x x

Susan said...

Thanks girlies!! Oooooh, I really wanna try the plum one... would you recommend it? xx

Anonymous said...

I tagged you on my blog :) http://stephaniejays.blogspot.com/ xx