Blog Awards: One Lovely Blog and Happy 101

I was tagged by Sarah to do a One Lovely Blog Award tag.

All this tag involves is tagging three blogs that you love reading and letting them know you tagged them. My three favourite blogs are:

I tag these three beautiful ladies!

The second award is one that I saw on Sinead's blog called the Happy 101 Award. Although she didn't tag me specifically, she tagged all her followers (including me!!)

This is another simple tag - all you have to do is list 10 things that make you happy :)

1. My Family - I don't know where I would be without my parents and brother. They are the best family I could ask for... even though they annoy the heck out of me sometimes :P
I love them dearly.

2. My Boyfriend - I've been with my gorgeous boyfriend, Colm, for almost three years and I love him to absolute pieces.

3. My Friends - I have possible the greatest bunch of friends in the world. They are all incredible and I can depend on every single one of them. They are always there to hep me out or make me smile.

4. My Macbook - I would probably die without my laptop. I use it every single day without fail (usually for youtube, not actual university work... but still!!) and I absolutely love it - best purchase of my life, easily.

5. My iPhone - I got an iphone in October 2009 for a few reasons (partially as my Christmas present, partially as my birthday present, and partially because I did really well in my Christmas exams) and I completely love it. Would be totally lost without it...

6. Youtube/Blogger - I love watching beauty videos and reading (and writing) beauty blogs. It's easily one of my favourite hobbies... love all you ladies.

7. Shopping - I adore spending my (not so) hard-earned cash on clothes, makeup, beauty products, sweets... you name it, I'll buy it!!

8. Makeup - I can't believe I listed this so far down my list. It is my FAVOURITE thing to collect. I adore my makeup collection - I'd be lost (and ugly) without it :)

9. Lush - This is a recent addition to my list of things that make me happy... but it does make me oh so happy. I love Lush and all their products.

10. Paris - I lived in Paris for almost a year (September 2008 - July 2009) and studied in a Grand Ecole de Commerce (through French). I cannot wait to go back after I've finished my studies in May 2010.

I won't tag anyone in particular, but if anyone would like to do this tag, leave me a comment and link me to your blog. Take care loves xx

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