Mac Eyeshadow Pallets

Over Christmas I decided to depot all my eyeshadows and fill up my two pallets. Beware, some of my eyeshadows broke when I was coming home from France over the summer - stupid baggage handlers... :(

Pallet 1 - Neutrals (Not Full)

Top Row: Vanilla, Honesty, Satin Taupe, Mulled Cider
Middle Row: Shroom, Woodwinked, Sable
Bottom Row: Honey Lust, Antiqued, Embark, Carbon

Pallet 2 - Colours 

Top Row: Riction, Climate Blue, Fig 1, Idol Eyes, Cranberry
Middle Row: humid, Clarity, Vibrant Grape, Sushi Flower, Passionate
Bottom Row: Bitter, Aquadisiac, Beautiful Iris, Stars n Rockets, Hepcat

Hope you enjoyed this post - I don't have a HUGE collection, but I have enough to create lots of beautiful looks.
Peace out xx


Rocketqueen said...

Yum! That's a great collection!

Susan said...

Thanks... pity some of them got broken by some silly baggage handlers :( xx