Mirror Makeover

This is not exactly a makeup related post... but as it involves my mirrors, I reckon I can get away with it!! Basically, I had two old (kinda gross) mirrors in my room and I wanted to make them all pretty... so I got my paint on!!


After (1)

After (2)

I hope you enjoyed this little post - I'm so happy with how they turned out. It just goes to show that you don't need to spend much/any money to prettify things :)


Anonymous said...

I am def going to pick some old mirrors up in a charity shop or car boot and do this! Did you just use normal white paint?

Great idea!! x

Susan said...

Thanks lovey.

I used a Dulux paint called "Orchid White". It's a special paint for wood and metal - my dad used it to paint the doors in our house, so I stole the leftovers!!

Make sure you have a little paint brush to get into the tight spaces :) xx

Schnella said...

That's lovely(:
It looks great!
I just found your blog today, its so cute(: im now following