My Ring Collection

I have been MIA for about 10 days because of uni work - final year is majorly stressful!! I was distressing this evening and decided to organise my jewelery. Here are photos of my ring collection. I'm not a huge ring-wearer but I love the rings I have.

The one on the left is a plain black stone, with a silver band. The one on the right is a silver crown, with I bought in a charity shop in Paris.


These are my more "blingtastic" rings. The one on the left is a large, clear (diamond-like) stone, surrounded by little stones. The one on the right is set with white and grey stones, 5 in a row.
The colour of these rings hasn't come through. The flower ring on the left is actually a bright blue colour, filled with sparkly blue stones. The ring on the right is my only gold ring (gold doesn't really suit me) - it's a guardian angel ring, with January (my birth month) engraved on one side, and my birth stone on the other.

These are my two shabby-chic rings. The one on the left is an antique-y silver, with clear stones in the middle and at each of the four corners. The one on the right is a similar colour, but with one large, clear stone.

And here are some of the rings I wore as a child... can you tell I liked hearts? haha!!

Hope you enjoyed this little post... I'm gonna try and get more college work done this weekend so that I can make more posts next week.


BooJenkinson said...

Now that is one sexy ring collection! I'm loving your layout too!xx

Schnella said...

So cute! I love them all(: I wish i had a collection like this

Susan said...

Thank you ladies... :) xx