Lush Soap Storage

I was at a friend's house recently and noticed how badly she stores her Lush soap. She keeps them all in a box, rubbing off each other, and they have all started to smell like each other and become discoloured. I recently got some new soaps and I decided to use them to show my friend (and all you ladies) how I store my soap.

Top: Rockstar, Chox Away
Bottom: The Godmother, Porridge, Honey I Washed The Kids

Step 1: Take the soap and cut it carefully into small chunks.
Step 2: Place the chunks in a plastic, freezer bag,
Step 3: Seal the bag
It couldn't be simpler!!

I store each soap in a separate bag. This really helps the soap to keep its individual scent and colour. Instead of having the full sized soap out, I just have one little chunk in my shower, and another one on my sink. The soaps lasts longer this way, and I can change up the soap I use more often!

I have all the bags of soap stored in my bathroom, in little cardboard containers, like this one:

Hope this helps some of you ladies xx


Milly said...

I never get bored of Reading lush hauls and lil storage ideas! :)
it's a lovely blog abd very helpful.
Well done huni.
Milly xx

Peonies and water lilies said...

Great idea about cutting the soaps up! x

Susan said...

Thank you ladies - I thought other people might benefit from this idea... it really does work!

Kush said...

This should make your day ♥



Raymond said...

I love reading posts like this, I'm a huge lush fan.