Mac and Lush Haul

I have another haul for you ladies (and gents)... enjoy!! Reviews will follow :)

Shy Girl Lipstick
I decided to pop into Mac for a quick peek and I ended up falling in love with the Shy Girl lipstick, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe I don't already own it. Mac's website describes it as "Creamy neutral coral beige" - It's more coral/orange than shown on the website, I hope you can kind of see that from the swatches further down. Oh, and its a cremesheen, which are my favourite lippies!! Bonus :)

Mulled Cider (Limited Edition) Eyeshadow
My main reason for calling into Mac was to look at the Warm & Cozy Collection, as I thought they'd really suit my colouring. I ended up just getting one eyeshadow - Mulled Cider. It's a satin eyeshadow and I really love it - it's a beaut!! I'd recommend getting this little gem before they sell out.

Swatches - Mulled Cider (L) and Shy Girl (R)

Star Melts (Limited Edition) Bath MeltsAfter my mini-splurge in Mac, I decided to have a browse in Lush. I was looking at Zoe's blog last night and she strongly recommended getting these limited edition bath melts. When I asked in my local Lush store, they informed me that they had two Star Melts left.... so I bought them both!!! They smell gorgeous - really sweet and yummy. I'm just mega depressed that I could only buy two!!

The Godmother SoapI love this soap. Unfortunately, my Lush was sold out of Snow Fairy shower gel but this soap is the next best thing! This soap gives you really soft hands and skin and I bloody love it already!! Yay!

Again, sorry about the shoddy photos - still waiting for my beautiful camera. I hope these poor attempts will suffice for now. Have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening/night - depending on where you are in the world!! I'll be back soon with some reviews.
Peace out

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