Weekly In's and Out's

I've been really busy with college for the last week because it's my last ever semester as an under-graduate and I have to study, study, study... so I'll try to do these In's and Out's as often as possible!!


  • Handy Gurugu: My hands have been so dry lately because of the cold, windy weather, so I've been absolutely loving this little treasure. It's a life saver!! If you haven't tried it already, I strongly suggest checking it out.
  • Lemony Flutter: Again, cold weather equals dry hands. I'd be lost without this bad boy. I love the scent too - lemon/citrus scents always smell so clean and fresh to me!!
  • Hepcat Eyeshadow: I picked up some Hepcat eyeshadow this week and I'm in love with it. It's a gorgeous dark pink/ purple colour. I've been wearing it with some Embark and Shroom to tone it down a bit - it's gorgeous!!

  • Cold Weather: enough already - I want summer!!
  • Reality TV: Maybe I'm finally growing up, and becoming sensible, but I'm really sick of reality TV at the moment. I watched about 5 minutes of Celebrity Big Brother last week and wanted to cry at how pathetic they all are. Then, having heard good things about the dating show "Take me Out" all week, I decided to watch it but the girls all seemed so desperate and sad. Is it too much to ask that TV shows have some form of entertainment value? Grrr...
  • Getting Old: I'm turning 22 on Friday (Jan 29th) and I'm bummed about getting older. I know 22 isn't that old but it feels like a huge jump from being 21 to turning 22 - I will have to be a mature, sensible grown-up next week......... fat chance!!
  • Popstar to Operastar: Vanessa from The Saturdays (easily the best singer in the line-up) was voted off last Friday - just the second week. It's a total popularity contest, and the dude from McFly is gonna win by popularity alone. Eugh!

I reckon that's all for this week - hopefully I'll be able to do another one this weekend.
Until then, hugs and kisses xoxo

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