Perfume Haul and Review: Euphoria by Calvin Klein

It was my 22nd birthday this weekend *sob* but my lovely little brother made it bearable. He got me the lovely Euphoria gift set by Calvin Klein.
As you can see, the box contains a bottle of Calvin Klein's Euphoria perfume and a bottle of the Euphoria Bath and Shower Crème.

This perfume was brought out about 5 years ago as a fun, playful scent. The fragrance is contains pomegranate, persimmon, lotus blossom, black orchid, amber, violet, cream and woods. Though the perfume is quite strong at first, it is an incredibly sexy, fresh scent. I usually steer clear of overly floral smells but Calvin Klein have got the balance right with this one.

Lasting Power
I sprayed myself (on the wrists and neck) yesterday morning and when I went to bed last night I could still smell its delicious, fresh scent. My boyfriend swears he could still smell it this morning, which gives it a lasting power of at least 24 hours (if you are to believe him!!)

The bottle, as you can see below, is stainless steel and really cute. The sides of the bottle are glass, so you can easily see how much (or little) is left. This will come in handy when I want to repurchase this gem.
  As my clever little brother bought me the Euphoria gift set, I got a bottle of the bath and shower crème too. This creme smells almost exactly like the perfume, and has a similar lasting power - I used it this morning and I still smell lovely (in my opinion). It also left me feeling really fresh and clean, which a lot of "designer" shower creams don't do.
I really, honestly, love this perfume - my brother is quite the gift buyer. He knows me too well.

Rating: 9/10 (minus 1 point because I believe it was expensive... but my brother might be a bit of a cheapo)

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