Summer Loving: 2. BBQs

I have a very random post for you today... the top secret recipe for my fantastic homemade (gluten free) burgers :) well, it's not exactly "top secret" but the burgers are bloomin' tasty!!

1x Large Onion (red or white)
1x Pack of Mince Meat
2x Eggs

Photo taken from here.

1. Chop up the onion (as small as possible, without chopping off your finger tips)
2. Empty all the mince meat and the chopped onion into a large mixing bowl
3. Crack the eggs into the mixing bowl too
4. Mix all the ingredients together (and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!!!)
5. Make six (large) meat balls from the mixture, and flatten them into burgers
6. Fire up the BBQ!!
7. Once your BBQ is ready, place your burgers on top and wait until one side goes brownish before flipping them (that way, they don't crumble!)
8. I usually cook my burgers for 10ish minutes but this will depend on several things: how large/thick the burgers are, how hot the BBQ is, how well done you like your burgers!
9. Enjoy :)

I hope you enjoyed this random, non-beauty related, fun post!! Now, get outside and BBQ...

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LIZ said...

i want to try it at home :)