Benefit/Glamour Haul

Hello ladies... I have a mini "haul" for you all today...and I apologise in advance for the photo quality - I'm waiting for my digital camera to be fixed!! This week the July issue of Glamour came out and there was a free Benefit product with each magazine. The three products were:
1. It Stick (concealer)
2. Eye Bright (brightener)
3. Bad Gal (eye liner)

This products have an RRP of £45 (in the region of €55-60) and it is insane to think that you could pick up all three for under €10!! My wonderful mummy picked me up two copies of the magazine. I already have Bad Gal eyeliner, so I didn't really need another one, but I had never tried It Stick or Eye Bright, and really wanted the opportunity to try them out.

This is the Eye Bright - an "instant eye brightener"
According to the leaflet that came with this product, "this pale pink, brightening stick is a purse-sized pick-me-up for tired eyes". It also comes with instructions, which say "for an instant wide-awake look, apply a stroke to the inner and outer corners of each eye and blend".

The second product I got was the It Stick - a "conceal it all stick"
This also comes with an information leaflet which says "this is the instant concealing pencil that disguises lines, blemished and flaws of any kind for a smoother, younger appearance. And to use this correctly you should "draw whisker-like strokes in laugh lines, crow's feet and creases and blend in with finger".

I hope you enjoyed this mini-haul... and I hope you all managed to pick up a copy of Glamour this month!!
Take care ladies,

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Ms Bubu said...

Yep, I got the BAD Gal and Eye bright ones! I didn't pick the It stick because I heard it suits better the lighter skin tones and i have medium/olive skin tone. We're so lucky to have such great freebies!