Haul: TRESemmé Restructuring Deep Conditioner

Good afternoon girlies - hope you are all enjoying the fabulous weather this Sunday!!

I did a bit of shopping this morning (I had to pick up some things for my mama and decided to browse around the beauty section for a while... as usual!!) and I came across this baby:
It's a restructuring deep conditioner from TRESemmé for extra dry, brittle hair. I have been having major problems with my hair lately... the hot weather, combined with near-constant styling, has left it very dry and lacklustre. It gets very frizzy, especially when left to dry naturally, and it gets greasy really, really quickly!! This is really distressing because I have never had problems like this before - my hair has always been healthy and durable.

The blurb on the tub says: "professional performance formula enriched with vitamins restructures hair, protecting it from split ends and breakage. Ideal for those who regularly use heat styling tools. Hair is left silky soft, shiny and tangle free"

The recommended use is to apply, after shampooing, to towel dried hair, leave it for up to five minutes and rinse it out. The product should be concentrated on the ends of your hair (where split ends are likely to occur).

I shall be trying this product out, and will get back to you with a review soon!! If any of you have been having similar problems, please let me know... and let me know if you found anything to help your hair - I'm desperate!!


Nicola-x said...

gorgeous haul everything is so pretty! I love florals :) xx

Great blog Ive followed :)

Ms Bubu said...

Yes, I am experiencing the same problem! I usually don<t have hair problems, but recently I have moved a few times (I'm originally from Canada). Since I haven<t blow dried my hair in 2 months, I think this made my hair split as they were tangled a lot. Now that I am settled I bought a haidryer and my hai is better now!

LIZ said...

Yai ! I also love floral pattern. It is so sweet and grly :)