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Good morning ladies - I thought I'd start a fun little tag... all you have to do is snap some photos of your daily commute (to work or to school... wherever, really!!) This is my commute to work - sorry the photos are a bit dark, I leave home very early in the morning!

This is the housing estate that my family live in - I start my commute here, obviously.

This is the church in my town, I take a short cut through the church grounds!!

My morning usually entails waiting at the bus stop for 5-10 minutes... bloody public transport, eh?! Eventually the bus arrives... late, as usual.

I take the bus from Kildare to Dublin, which takes about an hour... I usually sleep for the entire trip. Today I tried to stay awake and take some photos but that didn't work - I fell asleep, and this was the only photo I got!!

This is Stephen's Green... I get off the bus here!

And I walk to my office... which is here!!

I thought this might be fun... it certainly made my morning more exciting anyways!!
Hope you all have a great day at work :)

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