Style Stalker: Frankie Sandford

Every time I see photos of this gorgeous lady, I am filled with both envy and inspiration. Her style choices are always spot on and simple enough to imitate. Here are some of my favourite of her outfits...

Outfit #1
I love this white military style blazer, such a classic and simple but totally elegant look.

Outfit #2 
 I really like how casual Frankie looks in this outfit, while still having a bit of a rocky edge... and I bloody love her shoes.

Outfit #3
I absolutely ADORE this cream jacket... Frankie looks really glam and sophisticated in this snap!! 

What do you think about Frankie's enviable wardrobe choices?


Lauren said...

I love her look too! I'm just catching up on your blog and remembering how much I love it! xxx

Lauren @ Lauren Loves...

Onna said...

I dont love her but I do love her style x

Susan ♔ said...

Aww, thanks Lauren - much appreciated xoxo

Onna, I know exactly what you mean. Her personality grates on some people!! She has fierce style though :) xoxo