Review: Soap & Glory - Knock Your Spots Off

This month I have been suffering badly with spotty skin. I tried using a couple of different products but nothing seemed to help. I wandered into Boots, browsing in search of something to help, when I noticed this...... Soap & Glory's Knock Your Spots Off Gel. This product is aimed a the lads, offering to minimise spots and "beard bumps" but I was desperate and it was €10 cheaper than the ladies alternative!!
I applied this product quite liberally over the affected areas before going to bed. As it turned out, this was a wise decision as the scent is quite strong. This product did zap the redness out of my spots, and the following morning they were noticeably smaller. However, I feel like it dried my skin out a bit too much.
I would suggest using this product sparingly, and only in drastic circumstances. I shan't be repurchasing this product, but I would definitely consider using it in the event of another outbreak!!



Phoebe said...

Nice post :-) I find so many spot treatments like this dry your skin out massively :-( But I think if it works, you could just make sure you moisturise after :-/ x

Susan ♔ said...

Thank you very much honey!! You're right.... I think the most important thing is finding something that works :P xo

GlamourSkittle said...

I agree, most products like these dry your skin out but I think a little goes a long way and once you moisturise it seems to be ok :) xox

Susan ♔ said...

Definitely agree with you that a little goes a very long way.... but this product was a little too harsh (it is for tough men's skin after all) - if you have a good moisturiser, that shouldn't normally be a problem xo