Review: Essence Multi Action Mascara

Last month I came home for the weekend without any mascara so I quickly popped into the chemist to purchase a cheap-o replacement ahead of a night out.... I grabbed the first one I saw, and walked away with Essence's Multi Action Mascara.

Though I had never used this mascara, or anything else by Essence, my friend is a big fan so I decided to take a leap of faith..... and wow, am I glad I did!? This mascara is ridiculously cheap (I think it was around €2) and does a fantastic job. It applies nicely, and both thickens and lengthens without clumping. It has gone a little downhill with use/abuse but for €2, I really can't fault it. The smell is a little "chemically" but it's nothing that you can't grin and bear for the low price :)

Though I won't be making a permanent switch to this product, I will continue to use it and if I was ever in need of a quick fix, I definitely see myself repurchasing this bad boy!!


Have you tried Essence products, and if so, what do you make of them?

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Claire said...

I had a similar experience. I went to my mom's for the weekend and forgot to bring mascara so I also went to the store to get some, and wound up with this. I couldn't believe it! Very good quality for a low price. It made my lashes look very long and dramatic so maybe it's best for a night-time look, but even so I'm impressed by this bargain. For regular use, I won't use it daily but it's definitely on standby.