New Years Resolutions

Can you believe it's 2011 already? I know it sounds cliché but the past year really flew past in a blur. This week is extra special for me because on Wednesday my blog is 1 year old!! I cannot believe I've been doing this for 12 months - and what an amazing 12 months it has been, getting to know all you beautiful ladies and sharing my thoughts with you.

I wanted to jump on the youtube bandwagon and share my new years resolutions with you guys (you never know, this might help me stick with them)

1. Be Healthy
Year in, year out, losing weight is on my list of resolutions but this year I want to be more than "skinny" - I want to be healthy and fit. Having spent the past two weeks cooped up in bed with a bad dose of the flu and a chest infection, I am eager to get active!

2. Procrastinate Less
I have an uncanny ability to put off tasks until the very last minute.... but I don't handle stress very well, so this year I want to try and keep up with work and not waste time.

3. Relax More
This past semester was HECTIC and I completely burnt out afterwards (I think that might have been one of the factors that contributed to my flu, haha) - this year/semester I want to make more time for relaxing and having fun.

4. Blog More
I will blog more frequently this year - I have been neglectful for the past few months, what with exams and illness, but that's gonna change this year.

What are your resolutions for 2011?

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