Haul: Lush Christmas - Bearded Lady

"A superbly softening oat milk, shea butter and tangerine scented bar to crumble under running water for mounds of silky bubbles"
The Bearded Lady bubble bar is filled with oat milk, avocado and butter, to maintain silky soft skin during the harsh winter months. The tangerine oil is beautifully scented but also helps tone the skin.... who doesn't want that!? For more information, have a look at Lush's website.

RRP: €3.20

ps: normally the Bearded Lady has two eyes but one of mine fell off - now she's more of a bearded pirate :)

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anna said...

Thank you so much for doing an honest introduction of this. I’m always skeptical of reviews when the product was given to the reviewer. I’ve been wondering about these products, but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on them. Looks like I’ll pass on this one.