Haul: Naked Shine Hydrating Shampoo

My quest for perfect tresses has pressed me to purchase many a whimsical product in the past, but when I saw this in Boots, I just couldn't say no...

"Naked is a range of beauty products crammed with gorgeous high quality botanical extracts and made from at least 97% plant and mineral derived ingredients".

For more information, have a nosey at the Naked website by clicking here.
I picked up the formula for normal to dry hair.... but I want to try the limp hair version too. It is made with honey and mallow and smells divine.

The blurb below says: "the hair cuticle needs to be moisturised so we use honey and mallow extracts to target areas of dryness, quenching hair and helping to keep it hydrated. Because your hair deserves the kindest treatment of all, we don't use harsh detergents - only gentle, plant-based cleansing ingredients, to give that extra special Swish Factor, so you shine like a diamond in the rough"
 The instructions are the same as almost every shampoo, but in case you're interested: "apply to thoroughly wet hair for a feather soft lather. Rinse really well and repeat if necessary - you will achieve a better foam second time around". I never repeat when washing my hair.... it often leads to a lot of product build-up in my thin hair, and I feel that it is a bit of a ploy by manufacturers to get you to use more and (hopefully) buy more! However, I will happily try this out twice for the sake of being thorough :)
Oh, and they don't test on animals either!

I will update this within the next week or so with my opinion and a review... hopefully a positive one :)

RRP: €5.80 or £3.99

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