Haul: Harry Potter at Lush

Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic
"An uplifting fizz of grapefruit, lemon, jasmine and dragon's fire"
This yummy bath ballistic was based on the dragon's in Harry Potter. Filled with foam, confetti and fizz, this will turn your bath water orange and make it crackle like fire. It is filled with foam, confetti and fizz. I'm off to see Harry Potter this week, so I wanted to share some magic with you before then :)

For more information, and a tutorial, have a mosey on over to the Lush website.

RRP: €3.80


lefashionz said...

kool!i neva thought they wud make that!check out my blog.i made a post about you



Susan ♔ said...

I was so excited when I walked in and saw it... I'm a child at heart :) xo