30 Day Tag - Day 28

Day 28 - This year, in great detail
If I was to speak about the past year in great detail, this post would take about a year to read.... so I'll try and be brief!

September: I started my final year (of a four year degree) in college - I remember being a bit scared, because I had just spent a year, on erasmus, in France doing absolutely no study!!!

October: I had decided over the summer that I really wanted to specialise in accounting, with a view to qualifying as an accountant one day, so in October I did lots of interviews with accounting firms. I was incredibly lucky and received an offer from my first choice company, KPMG. They are paying for my masters degree this year, and I will start working for them in September 2011.

November: My little brother turned 18 - I was a bit distraught, because he's an adult now and not my little brother anymore :(

December: I had the first half of my finals... and my parents bought me a beautiful iphone to congratulate me on my results! I don't think I have ever loved a piece of technology more (except for, maybe, my beautiful white macbook)

January: I celebrated my 22nd birthday! 22 is an awful age though - it's the first year that people stop giving you presents!! And, I only got three cards...

February: I celebrated my three year anniversary with my boyfriend - he bought me the biggest teddy bear I've ever seen!!

March: Several of my friends from Erasmus came to visit me in Dublin for Paddy's Day - we had the most incredible time, visiting the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Factory.... as well as all the other, non-alcohol-related, places :)

April: I spent this entire month studying and having no social life whatsoever... good times!

May: I did the second half of my finals and managed to get a job for the summer, with a finance company, working on loan valuations. This was a very productive month :P

June: After three and a half years, me and my boyfriend decided to call it a day - it was a mutual decision, and it was for the best! We still get on, and will be friends one day, but we knew it was time to do it. A few tears were shed, but I felt almost relieved the next day, like a weight had been lifted!

July: I got my results from college and found out I got the 2.1 degree that KPMG required of me. I couldn't believe it - delighted just doesn't cover the sheer joy that washed over me!!

August: I worked, a lot - 50 hour weeks were starting to take their toll on me!! When I wasn't working, I was sleeping :P

September: I graduated from college and started my postgraduate masters!! The fun times just keep on coming :)

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