30 Day Tag - Day 20

Day 20 - A hobby of yours
Anyone reading this will presumably be aware that my main hobby is, in fact, blogging (surprise surprise) so, today I would like to show you all where my blogging takes place...
Please excuse the battered desk... my brother massacred it last year (while studying for his exams) and I'm hoping to re-paint it very soon.
This is where I store most of my makeup, with the brushes in the brush holder on top... though, they're not there at the moment because I'm deep cleaning them today!!
On the bottom left of this photo are my makeup pallets stored in a turquoise letter holder from Urban Outfitters and on the bottom right is a floral bucket containing some hand creams that I use every day, as well as several products that I have to review
 And here is my beautiful laptop
Where do you blog?

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