How to Depot Mac Eyeshadows

Good evening ladies (and gents)

So, I have received a few emails/tweets asking how to depot Mac eyeshadows... I think the easiest way to explain this is with a blog post!! Beware, this is photo heavy :)

What You Will Need
Sharp knife, wire cutters, super glue (or a magnet), eyeshadow pallet... and an eyeshadow

    Step 1
    When you open your eyeshadow, you will notice a little gap between the two parts of the container. Stick the knife carefully into this gap and wiggle it about, until they click apart. Once that happens, remove the bottom part of the container, and keep it - you can exchange this in the Back2Mac scheme!

    Step 2
    Taking the wire cutters, snip the eye shadow case at both sides of the opening... but be careful, you don't want to crack the eyeshadow!

    Step 3
    Once you have cut both sides of the opening, bend the flappy part back, and (if possible) remove it altogether. 
    Step 4
    Slide the knife, carefully, into the gap that you have created, between the eyeshadow and the case. Wriggle it about, and loosen the eyeshadow (which is glued in place!!) Again, be very careful that you don't crack the eyeshadow.

    Step 5
    Add some glue to the pallet and firmly place the eyeshadow on top... hold it down for a few seconds, making sure you push down on the edges (otherwise you might smush your eyeshadow)
    Look at my poor broken eyeshadow on the right... bloody baggage handlers at the airport throwing my bags around :(

    Hope this helped some (or all) of you... I love making pallets - any excuse to buy eyeshadow!!
    Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday :)

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