40 Beauty Questions


1)How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice - once in the morning and once before bed

2)What skin type do you have?
I have combination skin - dry and kinda flaky on my cheeks and oily on my T-Zone... but strangely enough, my nose is dry.

3)What is your current facial wash?
I use Lush's Angels on Bare Skin in the morning and Ultra Bland in the evening

4)Do you exfoliate?
Yeah, I exfoliate every second/third day, usually in the shower (it's less messy that way)

5)What brand do you use?
St. Ives Apricot Scrub

6)What moisturiser do you use?
I use moisturisers from the Body Shop's Seaweed collection - in the morning I use the Mattifying Day Cream and in the evening I use the Clarifying Night Cream

7)Do you have freckles?
Yeah, unfortunately - I don't really like them

8)Do you use eye cream?
Nope... but I should!!

9)Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
I wouldn't class my skin as "acne prone" but I do get the occasional spot breakout (especially on my chin)

10)Did you ever have to use Pro-Activ?


11)What foundation do you use?
At the moment I'm using Benefit's Play Stick.

12)How about concealer?
I worship Mac's Studio Finish concealer

13)Do you know your undertone colour?
My undertone is a pink/peach colour

14)What do you think of fake eyelashes?
I don't wear them very often but I do love the look the give!!

15)Did you know you were supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yeah, but I don't do it!! I usually keep min for 4 or 5 months, depending on the size of the container.

16)What brand of mascara do you use?
My favourites are Benefit's Bad Gal Lash and Bad Gal Brown :)

17)Sephora or Mac?

18)Do you have a Mac Pro card?
Nope :(

19)What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
Brushes, brushes, brushes... no sponges for me!!

20)Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
Yeah, I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion... but I really wanna try out Benefit's Stay, Don't Stray

21)For the face?
I use Benefit's Dr. Feelgood normally... but lately I've been trying out Primark's Prime of your Life

22)What is your favourite eyeshadow?colour or shade?
I love all my Mac eye shadows but my favourite shadow to wear alone is Shroom

23)Do you use pencil or liquid liner?
Both... :)

24)How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
Not very often at all... I'm really careful (poking my eyes really scares me!!)

25)What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
They look pretty, but can be messssssssy

26)Do you use mineral makeup?
Nope, but I'd love to

27)What is your favourite lipstick?
I don't wear a lot of lipstick but I love Benefit's Good To Go

28?How about lipgloss?
I don't use it very often but the one I reach to most is a clear Dior gloss

29)What is your favourite blush to use?
I love Mac's Cubic and Benefit's Coralista

30)Do you buy your makeup on Ebay?

31)Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yeah, it's usually great quality and much cheaper than high end brands

32)Do you go to CCO's?Cosmetic Company Outlet?
Nope... none in Ireland

33)Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Nah, this is just for fun.

34)Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Not usually - unless I'm in a rush

35)Name a makeup crime that you hate?
When girls don't blend their foundation into their neck - tide lines are not a good look on anyone!!

36)Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick or eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
I usually wear neutral colours but colourful shades are more fun... if only I was brave enough!!

37)Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Jennifer Aniston always looks perfect.

38)If you could leave the house using just ONE makeup item, what would you use?

39)Could you leave the house without any makeup on?
Yeah, I often do (if I have to) but I prefer wearing makeup

40)Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
Nope!! My boyfriend always says he prefers when I wear no makeup at all... but I think he's lying!!

41)In your opinion what is the BEST makeup line?
Mac (cliché, I know)

42)What do you think of makeup?
I love it :)

Wow.... that was a lot of answering. And really, this should be called 42 Beauty Questions!! Hope your enjoyed this. I'd love to read your answers so link me in the comments if you do it :) xx

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