20 Questions Tag

I know this is an old, old, OLD tag... but I didn't do it when it did the rounds, so I'm doing it now!!

1. What can't you leave the house without?
Phone, keys, purse... I have them with me all the time!!

2. Favourite makeup brand?
Mac and Benefit... I love Mac but something about Benefit draws me in every time!!

3. Favourite flower?
I love roses and lilies... hope my boyfriend reads this!!

4. Favourite clothing store
River Island, Zara, Primark and BT2 (which is only in Ireland)

5. Favourite perfume?
ChloƩ for Women by ChloƩ and Chance by Chanel

6. Heels or flats?
Flats during the day and heels when I go out. I live in Uggs during the day :)

7. Do you make good grades?
Yeah, I guess I do - I'm a bit of a nerd!!

8. Favourite colours?
Pink, cream.... how very girly of me!!

9. Do you drink any drinks?
I drink coffee in the mornings in college... those 9am lectures are a pain!! I sometimes have Red Bull around exam time, when I need to study, but I don't like them!

10. Do you drink juice?
Yeah, I love cranberry juice especially!!

11. Do you like swimming?
I adore swimming. I'm an Aquarius - us Aquarians love our water!!

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
That depends on the situation!! I'd eat a bag of chips with my fingers but chips with sauce need a fork (too messy otherwise).

13. Favourite moisturiser?
I'm still on the fence about this one... at the moment I'm using the Body Shop's seaweed day and night creams.

14. Do you want to get married?
I think so... but in the future because I'm only a baby right now - 22 is not old enough to decide something like that :)

15. Do you get mad easily?
If I'm tired, I'm quite the grouch, but usually I'm fairly laid back... 

16. Are you into ghost-hunting?
Can't say I am, no!

17. Any phobias?
I am terrified of birds, especially crows - they're evil. I got hit in the face by a crow's wing when I was younger and it scarred me for life!! I'm also a bit nervous of heights and spiders. I used to be afraid of flying but I got over that one... taking off still makes me nervous though :P

18. Do you bite your nails?
Only when I'm really, really nervous or stressed.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
Erm, not near death but I have had a few accidents - I'm clumsy. The worst ones were when I got smashed in the head with a hockey strip and it split my head open, and when a huge basketball net was dropped on my head and knocked me out for a while... ouch!! My poor head :P

20. Do you drink coffee?
I lived in Paris for a year... I wouldn't have survived if I didn't :)

I've been in a serious blogging mood this evening... if any of you fancy doing it, like me your posts in the comments :)

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