Review: Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio and Tease

I love lipstick... maybe a little too much... I'm probably addicted... ok, I'm definitely addicted and it's a problem. 

There, I said it.

I recently purchased two new lipsticks, to satiate my addiction. Having never tried Topshop lipsticks before, I was eager to try them out. With the greatest of restraint, I selected (aka: limited myself to) two gorgeous colours - Rio Rio, a beautiful orangey-red and Tease, a vibrant hot pink. These lipsticks were about €12, from what I remember, or £8 and can be ordered online here:

Rio Rio

As these were my first Topshop lipstick purchases, I'm not sure if this is applicable to all lipsticks, but these two shades are wonderfully moisturising with fantastic colour pay-off. Overall, I find that they are very comparable to MAC lipsticks but for a much more reasonable price.

Rio Rio

Rio Rio is a beautiful red lipstick, with subtle orange undertones.

I know red lipstick can often be overwhelming, and a lot of people avoid it as a result. However, I think Rio Rio would make a perfect lipstick for those ladies looking for a starter red, as it isn't overly dramatic. 

Personally, I love red lipstick and find it great for a night out to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. However, Rio Rio is a lot more versatile than other reds, and is very wearable during the day. The shade is very flattering, and the finish is a gorgeous satin matte but the lipstick is very moisturising. I also find that the colour tends to last for hours, even on a night out with eating, drinking and dancing.

In summary, this lipstick is definitely in my top five favourite lipsticks of all time.


Tease is a gorgeous, vibrant, Barbie-esque pink lipstick.

I absolutely adore bright pink lipsticks, but I often find them difficult to wear, give the usual blue undertones and my (relatively) pale complexion. However, during the summer, when I get a bit of colour, I find myself gravitating towards them... it might have something to do with the sunshine too.

As with Rio, I find this lipstick really moisturising, the pigmentation is phenomenal, and the colour lasts for hours. It is perfect for a night out as it really dresses up an outfit, and pairs beautifully with somewhat understated eye makeup (usually, I just go with a splash of Rubenesque by MAC, some winged black eyeliner and lashings of mascara).

Unfortunately, Tease is probably going to be resigned to sitting in my makeup drawer for the next few months once my "tan" fades (damn you, Winter) but I will undoubtedly by whipping it out next summer.

Have you ever tried any Topshop lipsticks? Are there any holy grail colours that I should invest in?

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