Review: Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover

I've recently been having a lot of trouble with my cuticles - they seem to be growing more than usual, and I'm reluctant to snip at them, so I picked up a tube of this cuticle remover from Sally Hansen. 
This product is used for step 2 in the Sally Hansen perfect manicure:
Step 1: Shape nails
Step 2: Cuticle care
Step 3: Strengthen and grow
Step 4: Colour and care
Step 5: Protect and shine

This gel claims to "quickly remove excess cuticles" by loosening them, and it contains jojoba extract, kiwi extract and wheat protein to moisturise and deeply condition your cuticles.
Directions for Use
1. Apply a thin strip of gel around the cuticle (see above right)
2. Leave for 1-2 mins (wait longer if needed, but no longer than 10 mins)
3. With flat end of pusher tip, gently loosen and push back cuticle
4. Wash away with soapy water

I applied the product for 4-5 minutes, as I wanted to see a dramatic result!! My cuticles are significantly reduced, following this treatment, and my entire nail feels more moisturised and conditioned. The smell is strong, so I would recommend using this in a well ventilated space. I won't be using this every day, as I think that would be too intense. But I will definitely use it every week or two, to give my nails a treat.

Rating out of Five: 

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Unknown said...

lovely ;) my cuticles used to be like that buh nw their ok actauly.the best thing wud mebe a very greasy like balm