Review: Me Me Me - Blush Me (Rouge)

Although I absolutely adore Benefit's gorgeous range of blushes, the steep price leaves a lot to be desired.

Enter Me Me Me...
While perusing Superdrug recently, I came across Me Me Me's blush boxes. These products were clearly "inspired" (ahem, blatant rip off, more like) by Benfit's Coralista, so I've decided to compare the two, while reviewing Rouge.

1. Price

Coralista: €33.50
Rouge: €10 (roughly)

Rouge is much more "pocket friendly" than Coralista, for roughly the same amount of product. Coralista doesn't have any weight on the box but Rouge is the larger of the two, if anything.

2. Colour

Coralista: Coral, with Gold Shimmer
Rouge: Coral, with Gold and Pink Shimmer

These products both leave a beautiful coral glow on the cheeks, with subtle shimmery undertones.

3. Brush

Coralista: High Quality, Wood
Rouge: Moderate Quality, Plastic

I much prefer the brush that comes with Coralista - the bristles are much softer and it feels much more "high end". Also, the powder seems to cling better to the Coralista brush. However, I use my Mac 129 to apply both products, so the brush isn't overly important!!

4. Pigmentation

Coralista: Moderate
Rouge: Good

Unfortunately, the lighting in my room isn't great today, so the swatches are a bit of a failure. However, you can see that Rough (on the right) is much more pigmented than Coralista (on the left).

In this little comparison, Rouge is the winner, trumping Coralista in almost every category. All in all, Rouge is probably one of the best blushes I've ever used. Also, Rouge has a cute little mirror inside the lid, meaning that you can re-apply this product during the day!

Unfortunately, the Superdrug I went to was out of the other shades: Bronze, Coral and Pink. I definitely want to try out Bronze and Pink, but I'll probably give Coral a miss, because Rouge is sufficiently coral for me!!

What do you think of Me Me Me's blush boxes?

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