My First (EVER) OPI Haul

One of my friends' mother owns a hair salon, and today we went to pick up some shampoo for her at the salon supply outlet. We were browsing around afterwards and I noticed the OPI collection - 1/3 of the regular price!!

I picked up three regular polishes (L-R: Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ, Sand In My Suit, You Don't Know Jaques)

I also picked up the last Alice in Wonderland Box Set in the entire outlet (L-R: Absolutely Alice, Thanks So Muchness, Off With Her Red, Mad As A Hatter)

I am so so happy with my purchases - I got them all for €28... what a bargain?! Each individual polish retails normally at about €13 in Ireland!!!

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post
Take care :) xx

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Laura said...

I love OPI. My fave nail varnish brand. Hope you find them to your liking.