Style Stalker: Kaley Cuoco

I adore Kaley Cuoco's style, both on and off the red carpet. She is the master of laid back casual, but she always manages to shine at red carpet events.

Outfit #1:
Kaley looks absolutely stunning in this gorgeous and intricately detailed blazer. Paired with a simple white top, wet look black leggings, black heels and a clutch, this blazer is the perfect choice for a glamorous evening event - Kaley looks gorgeous and sophisticated, without appearing overdone. Her hair is casually styled, adding to the understated glamour of her outfit.

 Outfit #2:
Kaley looks utterly adorable in this cutesy pink and white patterned dress. The sleeve length is very flattering and her slim waist is accentuated by the cut of the skirt. This dress would be perfect for a summer party or a racing event. The heart shaped sunglasses add a touch of individuality, and offset the whimsicalness of the dress perfectly.

Outfit #3:
This outfit is Kaley to a tee - understated and casual. I absolutely adore loose, patterned trousers. They are perfect for the summer months, paired with a tank top or t-shirt and sandals. Also, I'm loving this Romeo & Juliet t-shirt - "I left my heart in fair Verona"  

Are you a fan of Kaley's style?

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