Urgently Seeking Upstyle...

On March 3rd I'm heading to a black-tie ball and I have everything picked out: the dress, the shoes, the bag, the jewels, the makeup........ but, I'm undecided on the hairstyle. This is where you come in!!

My gorgeous gown is deep red, floor length and pretty simple from the front. The WOW factor is the back, beautifully made from lace with delicate buttons down the spine. I obviously want to show the intricate detailing off so I'm thinking that an upstyle would be the best option.

I was casually browsing Google for inspiration and I came across this beautiful inspired upstyle.

This beautiful, simple look was inspired by the stunning Taylor Swift. I've booked myself in to get my hair done and they've told me that they can do almost anything I want.

So... what are your thoughts? Do you like this hairstyle or do you think I should go for something else? I'm open to all suggestions!!

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