Project 10 Pan

Hello Friends!

This evening I made a decision: I have too much half used makeup - I have a tendency to get bored easily and move on to something new and shiny. Take foundation: I have 1 Clarins, 3 Clinique, 2 Maybelline, 1 Benefit and 2 Rimmel foundations on the go - that's 9 foundations... well 2 are for when I'm wearing fake tan, but that still leaves 7!! When on earth do I imagine needing this many foundations? Oh, and don't get me started on mascara! It's insane and I need to start using things up, or they'll go bad.

Enter Project 10 Pan.

The concept behind this little project was thought up my the lovely Laura (aka: Lollipop26). Basically it means that I'm not allowed purchase ANY makeup products until I use up 10 items that I currently own.

Leave a comment below if you have done this before or if you're doing this now, and let me know how you got on and what your products were! I think my first products will be my Benefit Play Stick foundation and my MAC Studio Fix powder - these will be the hardest things to go without, so it'll be good to get them out of the way first...

I will let you know when I hit my first pan!! Take care and I hope some of you decide to do this too...

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