Haul: New Look, H&M and Primark (Penneys)

I've been indulging myself with a bit of retail therapy lately, attempting to dull the stresses of college life.

Turquoise Chunky Knit: New Look, €30
Cream Floral Cardigan: New Look, €30
Salmon Winged Top: H&M, €10
Brown Waistcoat: Primark/Penneys, €11
Cream & Lace Waistcoat: Primark/Penneys, €11

How do you alleviate stress? (I need some cheaper alternatives...)


Harrriiiet said...

love these types of posts!
I want that cream and lace waistcoat, :]

Susan ♔ said...

Thanks hun - I'll try and do some more! I love the cream waistcoat too (and so does my mum) - it's lovely in the warm weather and so comfy :)